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March 18, 2022

11. How to create a corporate revolution with Leanne Hughes and Prina Shah!

11. How to create a corporate revolution with Leanne Hughes and Prina Shah!

Do you want to create a corporate revolution?

Do you want to change things at work but don’t feel you have the power to?

Do you have loads of ideas of ways to change the workplace you are at?

Are you at a loss of how to go about making said change?

Fret not! Today my guest is Leanne Hughes, she’s a corporate maverick! 

Leanne Hughes is an international consultant, expert on leading Charismatic Change, podcast host and Peloton Addict. She combines her experience in Marketing, her passion for group dynamics, with her education in Psychology, to help leaders dramatically overcome resistance to change, and drive innovation and performance. 

In this episode of Ways to Change the Workplace, we talk about:

“How to create a corporate revolution!” Leanne will be answering questions in the Ways to Change the Workplace Facebook Group, do join!

  • We discuss the various ways change management theories may fail us and why.
  • The need for change.
  • How you can take action and create your own subculture!
  • And you’ll hear some things that neither Leanne or I have shared with the world…
  • Learn how Leanne would find a way to change the workplace if she had a magic wand! 

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More about your host, Prina Shah:

We spend more time of our waking day at work than with loved ones, my mission is to make your workplace a good place to be! Sometimes I speak to amazing thought leaders, sometimes the podcasts will be solo episodes. 

I am Prina Shah, I am a Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker with 20+ years of experience in developing Executives, Leaders and Teams.
My specialty is in developing your people and working with you to optimise your organisational cultures.

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