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April 8, 2022

14. 5 Ways to Improve Workplace Culture through Story with David Pullan and Prina Shah

14. 5 Ways to Improve Workplace Culture through Story with David Pullan and Prina Shah

How often is it that workplace culture change is a disaster?  We hear more negative stories of change, than we do positive.  It need not be the case.

Change can be supported by applying the additional super skill of storytelling! 

About today’s episode:  I speak with story telling expert, David Pullan, about: 5 Ways to Improve Workplace Culture through Story.  

  • I ask about David’s story: who you are, what you do and why! 
  • Storytelling as an important Leadership skill to enlist change and develop the org culture
  • How story telling at work is… 
  1.   a way to build employee engagement,   
  2.   a way to empower change (storytelling through data) 
  3.   a way to build relationships 
  4.   a way to make things stick / make meetings memorable (if we can imagine it in our mind, it sticks better and 
  5.   a way to make things fun!  
  • David’s practical tips and takeaways he has in relation to the above 
  • And David shares examples of the projects he has worked on 
  • And listen in to David’s answer to my question: if you had a magic wand, what is one way you would change the workplace?     

About today’s guest:  

This week I am chatting with David Pullan, he is known as The Story Spotter. He helps his clients do four things:

  • Stand out and be remembered through the stories they spot, shape and share
  • Form deep relationships as they connect to the stories of their stakeholders
  • Build trust through the stories they create with their behaviours.
  • Create the stories they tell themselves that will lead to success.  

Connect with David Pullan:, Twitter @thestoryspotter, LinkedIn

More about your host, Prina Shah:

We spend more time of our waking day at work than with loved ones, my mission is to make your workplace a good place to be!
Sometimes I speak to amazing thought leaders, sometimes the podcasts will be solo episodes. 

I am Prina Shah, I am a Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker with 20+ years of experience in developing Executives, Leaders and Teams.
My specialty is in developing your people and working with you to optimise your organisational cultures.  Thank you for tuning in!
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