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April 22, 2022

16. Why Time Blocking Fails Leaders with Ravindra Kondekar and Prina Shah

16. Why Time Blocking Fails Leaders with Ravindra Kondekar and Prina Shah

Do you have the best of intentions to time block and get things done, only to FAIL by the end of the week?

You’re not alone! 

Many people fail at time blocking for a myriad of reasons, especially when it comes to it at work.

Today I am talking with Ravindra all about Why Time Blocking Fails Leaders on the Ways to Change the Workplace Podcast. 

Ravindra offers us a 4-step alternative to time blocking which is sooooo practical. He shows us how to plan for the week, the day and then how we can maintain the focus with less stress! 

Ravindra is an expert on time management and productivity. He shares why time blocking tends to fail many in the workplace. 

More about Ravindra 

My guest today is Ravindra Kondekar, a MTech alumnus of IIT Bombay, who has spent more than 27 years working in the upper echelons of the Indian technology industry. 

He has worked in software development for the Department of Space and for many multinational corporations. He has another passion than Software development and that is coaching executives and entrepreneurs on Time Management. 

What I really like the sound of is that his time management methodologies are tested through his own career while handling challenging responsibilities and also with his clients of varying needs.

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 More about your host, Prina Shah:

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