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June 17, 2022

24. Simplifying Psychological Safety

24. Simplifying Psychological Safety

Why is creating Psychological Safety so hard for some organisations?

Do you want to learn how to create psychological safety at your workplace?

Let’s demystify all things psychological safety…

About today’s episode:

Today is a solo episode on all things Psychological Safety where I help to
Simplify Psychological Safety.

I discuss:

  • The definition of psychological safety
  • What psychological safety is not
  • The new behaviours needed to create a psychologically safe workplace culture
  • I give practical (and free) ideas on how ANYONE can conduct an unsafe workplace test audit
  • I share my own example of how I created psychological safety when I worked in corporate
  • I share how I work with teams to develop their psychological safety (and so much more!) 
  • I share the next steps you can take to create a good team

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More about your host, Prina Shah:

We spend more time of our waking day at work than with loved ones, my mission is to make your workplace a good place to be!
 Sometimes I speak to amazing thought leaders, sometimes the podcasts will be solo episodes. 

I am Prina Shah, I am a Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker with 20+ years of experience in developing Executives, Leaders and Teams.
My specialty is in developing your people and working with you to optimise your organisational cultures.

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