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Nov. 4, 2022

44. How Leaders Speak the Language of the Mind with Jamie Dixon and Prina Shah

44. How Leaders Speak the Language of the Mind with Jamie Dixon and Prina Shah

Have you noticed something about the best leaders at your workplace? 

What is it about them that makes them the best? Is it technical knowledge? Is it their leadership skills? Or could it be that they take you on a journey…

About today’s episode:

Today I speak with Author Jamie Dixon about How Leaders Speak the Language of the Mind

More about Jamie:

Jamie Dixon is the Author of 3 Books:

- The Story Habit - A methodology for building simple and powerful habits for influencing at work through the power of storytelling
- Overcome and Get it Done! - A book about discipline, productivity and behaviour change that I proudly wrote and published in just 24 hours
Shaping Paths, How to Design and Deliver PRACTICAL Training - A practical training design methodology that I use to design all my training solutions

Some of the things we cover

  • Change and Culture go together like PB n J yet orgs still mess it up. We uncover why… 
  •  What is the biggest skill needed to bring people on the journey of change? 
  • Jamie explains what he means by “The greatest leaders are fluent in the language of the mind”
  •  Jamie dissects the essential steps of storytelling. Stories are made up of three parts: Relate, Challenge, Resolve.
  • Jamie gives us some easy ways to learn the skill of storytelling
  • Jamie shares how can leaders enable others to understand their perspective? 
  • I ask how can leaders change people’s minds – that’s the hard part of change!? 
  • How can leaders inspire people to take action? 
  • Jamie’s answer to what is one way you would change the workplace if you had a magic wand is fabulous!

Prina (Helping you find GREAT ways to change your workplace) Shah