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Jan. 13, 2023

54. The Power of Clarity for Your Organisational Culture with Ann Latham and Prina Shah

54. The Power of Clarity for Your Organisational Culture with Ann Latham and Prina Shah

The Power of Clarity for Your Organisational Culture

What is the difference between lack of productivity and lack of clarity?

What is the secret to getting everyone in your workplace working toward a common goal?

Can your workplace thrive without a framework for decision-making and success?

Do you really know how to lead clear and effective meetings?
About today’s episode:
Today I chat with Ann Latham. Known widely as the Queen of Clarity, is the author of The Power of Clarity, which we will be discussing today. 

Her previous books are The Clarity Papers and Uncommon Meetings and her newest book, The Disconnect Principle, is coming in November. Ann is the founder of US-based consulting firm Uncommon Clarity®. Ann is also the sole recipient of a corporate award that she cherishes to this day: Most Likely To Dispute Recognized Authorities.

I speak with Ann about: The high cost of lack of clarity in the workplace. 

  • Ann talks about how lack of clarity is standing in the way of your organizational goals.
  • The big problem with “best practice” meeting agendas.
  • What really causes bad meetings. Hint: it’s not the people.
  • The six essential outcomes for any meeting to produce clear and effective organizational results.
  • How our natural eagerness to talk, help others, and take action gets us off-track. 
  • Why we aren’t as clear as we think we are.
  • How most of your workforce is responding to unclear expectations every day.
  • The compound effect of poor communication and lack of clear objectives in your organisation.
  • How you might be inspiring individual vs. group momentum. 
  • Questions to ask yourself to achieve organisational clarity.
  • How these methods apply to strategic planning, projects, teamwork, emails and your daily to-do list.
  • How common and ambiguous questions lead to feelings of inadequacy and are destructive to your workplace.
  • And listen in to Ann’s answer to my question: if you had a magic wand, what is one way you would change the workplace? Teaser: it has to do with what she calls clarity blindness.

Connect with Ann: and check out her book

More about your host Prina Shah:

We spend more time of our waking day at work than with loved ones, my mission is to make your workplace a good place to be!
Sometimes I speak to amazing thought leaders, sometimes the podcasts will be solo episodes. 

I am Prina Shah, I am a Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker with 20+ years of experience in developing Executives, Leaders and Teams.
My specialty is in developing your people and working with you to optimise your organisational cultures.

Thank you for tuning in!
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