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March 31, 2023

65. FIVE Ways to Create a Subculture at Work that People Cannot Resist - with Prina Shah

65. FIVE Ways to Create a Subculture at Work that People Cannot Resist - with Prina Shah

In this episode, I will be discussing the importance of work culture and how to create a subculture within your organization.

In episode 60. Brendon talked about Finding the Hidden Influencers in Your Organisation - these are usually people who have created a damn fine subculture! So I am talking subcultures with you...

I start by defining what we mean by work culture and subculture. Work culture refers to the values, beliefs, behaviors, and practices that shape the environment and experience of working within an organization.

A subculture is a group of people within a larger culture that differentiate it from the larger culture.

We'll then delve into the reasons why you might want to create a subculture at work, including the ability to express your identity, connect with others who share similar values and interests, and bring new ideas and behaviors into mainstream society.

Finally, I will provide you with five practical ways to create a subculture at your workplace

These include: 

  1.  Establishing shared rules of belonging, 
  2.  Understanding the issues facing your current culture, 
  3.  Determining what you will never tolerate, 
  4.  Learning the rules so you can effectively navigate them, 
  5.  And regularly reviewing and nurturing your subculture through team development and upskilling.

Join me as I explore the benefits of creating a subculture at work and provide you with the tools to do so!

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