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March 4, 2022

9. Menopause is a Female Leadership Issue with Thea O’Connor and Prina Shah

9. Menopause is a Female Leadership Issue with Thea O’Connor and Prina Shah

Menopause is a female leadership issue.

It’s a fact. Did you know:

  • 78% of women in the workplace who are 45-60 years old will face the effects of menopause on their career. 
  • By that age, many women are in the peak of their leadership ladder.
  • As more women enter the workplace, this issue is only going to grow. 
  • Another fun fact: workplaces which have more females in leadership positions tend to perform better financially. 

So why is it that we don’t pay enough attention to this stage of life in the workplace? 

About today’s episode:
Today I chat with Thea O’Connor who is a Wellbeing & Productivity Advisor, Presenter, Coach and specialist in helping workplaces to take action in addressing menopause.

I speak with Thea about: Menopause is a Female Leadership Issue.
We discuss:

  • Why most HR functions don’t consider menopause.
  • Why we need to change the ways of the workplace to treat menopause like any other significant passage of life such as having children or retiring.
  • The gendered stereotypes women and men have at work.
  • The case for Ways to Change the Workplace address menopause at work. 
  • The 9-5 shift and its effect on menopause. 
  • The menopause symptoms we don’t know that affect women at work. 
  • How YOU as an individual can tackle this in your workplace.
  • How anyone can get rejuvenated in 10 minutes! 

 About today’s guest: Thea O'Connor who is a Senior Advisor on workplace ell-being, productivity, helping leaders, teams and individuals to improve their workplace engagement and effectiveness through body intelligence and better health. Thea is committed to rehumanizing our work ethic so that it is fashioned around human biological rhythms, rather than around machines. She is a naptivist. Thea promotes the power nap as the new coffee break. Yes. She also promotes life stage approach to worker well-being. So different stages of the lifecycle, such as menopause, can be accommodated. 

Resources and links:

Connect with Thea on LinkedIn and check out her Workplace Course on Menopause. 

Get more resources on managing menopause from Monash University.

More about your host, Prina Shah:

We spend more time of our waking day at work than with loved ones, my mission is to make your workplace a good place to be!
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I am Prina Shah, I am a Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker with 20+ years of experience in developing Executives, Leaders and Teams.
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