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March 11, 2022

10. 8 Ways to Bring Your Company Values to Life: The Success Stories!

10. 8 Ways to Bring Your Company Values to Life: The Success Stories!

If Culture eats Strategy for breakfast, I’d say your Values may eat your Vison for brunch.

Values are an integral part of an organisation’s culture. Your Values ideally should be the guiding principles in which everyone in your company behave, serve their customers and achieve your Vision.

The Issue: People either don’t know the company’s values OR don’t like them.

The Potential Reasons:

  • Your staff weren’t included in creation of your Values. 
  • Your Values relate to the external facing elements of the company only.
  • Your Values are not in your (the CEO, Leaders and HR Team’s vernacular.) If you’re not living your Values, why should anyone else?
  • Your Values are too wordy or too simple – yes, a dichotomy there. 
  • Your Values posters are all over the place but they’re still not being applied.

So, what to do?

8 Ways to Bring Your Company Values to Life: The Success Stories: I have had the pleasure of supporting companies that live, apply and own their Values, and in this episode  I share what I have seen work. 

Ditch plastering posters of your Values around the place in the hope the message will stick.

  • Live your Values.
  • Apply your Values.
  • Own your Values.

Here’s to happy employees, formidable leaders and good company cultures!

I wish you well in finding Ways to Change Your Workplace! 

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