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Sept. 30, 2022

39. Four ways to benefit from the great resignation with Prina Shah

39. Four ways to benefit from the great resignation with Prina Shah

4 ways to benefit from the great resignation

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Have people left your workplace? 

Have they quit to move on to other things?

Have they been fired because they refused to get vaccinated?

Either way, you’re probably doing more work with fewer people. 

You may be in it for the long game. If that is you, this episode speaks to you! 

I share 4 ways to benefit from the great resignation

1.       Continue to deliver. It can be easy to drop your productivity to suit the environment that you are in. Continually doing this may inhibit the way you work and it may in fact create a new habit and a new way of working leaving you being potentially less productive.

2.       Continue to learn. That which is in front of you is your teacher. Even learning how not to do things is excellent learning! Learning need not be from a traditional training perspective in this respect; you could learn by observing others, observing the way systems are used and by observing the culture.

3.       Don’t dismiss. It is easy to dismiss others as being not as focused when we you are ready for the next pivot in your career. Often I find with my coachees that they are high achievers. Not everybody is, and there is nothing wrong with that. We are all different with different work and life needs.

4.       Have the conversation. Talk to your manager about your career needs. I find often that this is the step that people feel the most uncomfortable about, which is why I recommend these pointers to guide your conversation.

  •  Discuss your achievements
  • Discuss your learnings
  • Ask your manager’s plans for the next quarter
  • Share your needs: if you want to get involved with projects, stretch assignments etc
  • Share your career goals: note this can be a tricky one if you have decided to move on. If you are

planning on staying with the organisation, outline where you hope to get to by x months and ask you manager if that is realistic and whether they can support you get there.

I wish you well in your career! 

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